Market Assessments

Entering a new market requires understanding that market. Our team of market researchers assess the size and growth of the category, competitive landscape, customer segmentation, top selling products, and market drivers.

This provides a topline look at the space in which you will compete so that your product development and brand management leverages identified opportunities.

We analyze your possible distribution channels, identify your main competitors, and specific regulatory considerations.

Finally, we provide the key takeaways and implications that summarize key opportunities for competing effectively in this market.   This data driven approach means your chance of success is maximized when you work with inQbrands.

Brand Name & Logo Design

We can help you create a brand name and logo that will speak to your intended customers. Creating a compelling name is especially difficult when working across cultures. What can sound like a great name in China can be terrible in the US and vice versa. Having specialists available to help you bridge the cultural gap is a necessity. The correct name is the beginning of your brands identity and you will be investing money and time to make it meaningful. You should start out on the right path. We consider the following:

  1. What do you want to communicate to your customers?
  2. What do the successful brands in your industry look like?
  3. What are some of the main buzzwords, or keywords, in your line of business?
  4. What makes you different from your competitors?
  5. What are the potential cultural pitfalls of names and logos?
  6. Is color important and if so, why and how can it be best utilized?

Corporate Identity Creation

Once you have a logo and brand name that you are proud of, let us help you create the corporate identity assets to drive your business to the next level. Identity materials which are designed to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of your business are a vital asset. Our professional design team can create your business cards, letterhead, Power Point presentation templates and corporate signage artwork files.

We will create two options for your business cards. Once you decide which direction you would like to take, we will go through up to two revisions. After the revisions and the business card design is confirmed we will create the rest of the collateral to follow the same look and feel. Completion time for this service will be 3 weeks or less. We will provide professional, print ready artwork files. Social media template design is also available for an additional fee.


• Business card template

• Letterhead and envelope

• Power Point presentation template

• Art files for signage.

Product Development & Merchandising

Our talented team of Product Managers have worked on over 100 of the most famous brands in the United States.  They have worked for the largest U.S. retailers and have built brands that have produced billions of dollars in revenue.  Our teams combined knowledge, skill, and creativity means you have access to the best resources possible to develop and execute the products to drive your own brand sales or expand your OEM business. We create and merchandise the product assortment. We do the assortment planning including SKU management and pricing. We create a complete category review including on-line and off-line competitors so you understand your place in the competitive retail landscape.  We help you identify new opportunities. Working with our in-house design and trend teams, we can develop specific products to suit your customers’ needs. Because we have a global view of what is happening in the world of product design we are uniquely positioned to bring our creative energies and product line creation to your company. Your brand products will be saleable, desired by the end consumer, and priced correctly.  You have the best chance to succeed when you partner with our outstanding team of creative individuals.

Design Services

Let us help you design the products that consumers want to buy.  Good design sells. We can take what your company does best and, through our integrated design and trend processes, design the products that will increase your sales.  Whether you are focused on offline or online sales, driving your OEM business, or creating a new product line, we can help. Having the right creative team to design the products that will resonate with your customers is vitally important.  The marketplace is full of products vying for the consumer’s attention. How will you differentiate yourself? Good design is key. Our knowledge of product design, color and trend comes from our combined years of experience across a wide variety of top US brands.  We are experts in our field and collectively have worked on over 100 of the most famous brands and for many of the largest and most successful U.S. retailers.  We have experience in apparel, hard goods, home furnishings, seasonal products, athletic gear, paper and stationary products, furniture, soft goods and much, much more.   Good design drives interest from retailers and consumers alike. Are your presentations to retailers falling flat? We can create the products with supporting trend boards to show your retail partners that you understand the global trends and are providing them with the products that will drive sales. Whether you need trend, print and pattern design, or complete product specs, let us be your partner in creating new opportunities for your manufacturing facility through targeted design.


Packaging is a key component to marketing your products.

The decision on how to package a product can have a profound effect. It impacts everything from product protection, to driving consistency across your brand to making your product stand out on crowded shelves. Well-designed packaging can lead to lower defective rates as well as optimized shipping, saving your brand critical resources in a competitive market. Our team can lend our expertise to help improve your brand through innovative packaging design and development services, creating tools to execute artwork effectively and consistently, and execution of production files.

Packaging Design:

Our team of designers can assist you with innovative structural packaging design and trend right graphic design and artwork creation to help your product jump off the shelf and stand out from competitors. Our consultants can review your packaging needs and provide critical feedback to help drive optimization for shipping, product protection, and material use, which leads to lower transportation costs and fewer unsalable products.

Packaging Style Guide:

Consistency across your brand is critical to creating brand loyalty and keeping your customers coming back for years. When packaging is poorly executed, it can drive poor customer perception about the quality of the product inside as well as the overall credibility of the brand itself. Our Packaging Style Guide can help drive consistent execution of packaging artwork over multiple producers as well as over time.

Packaging Electronic Production:

Creating individual packaging artwork files can be an exhausting, tenuous task. Our team of experts can create production files at the item level, translating your brand ideals to the individual products you are marketing through consistent, professional execution. We can execute to existing brands you have already developed or you can couple this service with one of our other service options. Whether creating a new brand or refreshing an old one, our team can provide the help you need!

Web Design Services

Having an online presence is key to communicating to global consumers that your brand is much more than a good name. A web site lets them know that there is a real company with a story behind your products. InQbrands can help provide you with the level of web site that best fits the needs of your business:

With this simple 1-2 page site, you can inform your audience about your products or services, capture email addresses to build up your database for email marketing campaigns, and link to all of your social media. Fast turnarounds can ensure that you meet your deadlines for tradeshows, important business meetings, or any other need to have a quick web presence.

The next level up service is an informational site, consisting of 5+ pages, depending on project scope. This is a great way to showcase your services, target industries, and capabilities. You can use this effective approach to solicit requests for quotes/proposals, sales consultations, or any other call to action you choose. These sites do not include ecommerce capability. If you can talk about your business and have professional photography, we can build you a beautiful site that can generate the results you are after.

An e-commerce site is the most extensive service and allows you to sell your products directly online. E-commerce sites do everything a brochure site can do, but with the added feature of selling. Easy to use, you can manage your inventory and sales from anywhere. InQbrands also offers US based fulfillment for your e-commerce site from its Southern CA based warehouse.

Brand Management

Successful Brands require strategy, execution, and creativity. Having a strategy and plan in place helps a brand stay on track and remain consistent with your brand image and message which will ultimately lead to your success in the marketplace.

We help determine the target audience of your brand, the exact consumer needs to fulfill, and provide a roadmap to get there with brand management.

We determine how to best connect with your target market and manage your brand’s media relations to maximize your awareness. We select the best digital and traditional media channels for advertising and execute using the right message for maximum impact. Your advertising could include:   Google advertising, social media, e-commerce platform promotions and remarketing.   During this process, we drive user generated content of customers raving about your products online and influences potential new customers.

We craft keyword optimized press releases, articles, case studies, blog posts, and social media to keep your target engaged with your brand.

We develop a responsive website for your brand which acts as the central point of your brand presence on the internet and connects your audience to reviews, social media channels, etc.

Our team will develop recommendations on which trade shows to attend and, if desired, help prepare your brand and represent you at the shows – including wholesales service.

At the end of each month, we provide you with a KPI scorecards for sales, digital advertising/promotions and web traffic.

You can also expect an annual brand review and strategy planning for the new year.