E-Commerce Sales

As the percentage of sales online grows each year, your business will need a well-managed e-commerce strategy. inQbrands provides you with professional e-commerce management services to help you operate and manage your products online via your own web site as well as major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart.com and Sears.com.

  1. Building an Online Store:We prepare the account application information, help with product selection and brand launch, and help you operate your online store. We provide a full range of e-commerce website building services and create your website based on local preferences with local style.
  2. Data Analysis:

    We provide you with a full range of data analysis services to help you’re your decisions on assortment and pricing. Our analysis report will help you fully understand your industry and competitive landscape, including consumer behavior, and operational information.

  3. Operation and Promotion:

    After your online store is completed, we will help you promote the rank of your products through a series of operational and promotional activities. We cooperate directly with the major e-commerce platforms, and enjoy priority in all kinds of promotional activities. We have a professional keyword optimization and product evaluation team, to help you improve the product ranking. In addition, we have quick access to the end customer feedback to constantly optimize your products.

  4. Warehousing & Logistics:

    We provide you with the best warehouse logistics model to save on storage costs as well as an optimum stocking plan, so you clearly know your inventory at the SKU level.

Wholesale Sales

We have a dedicated and trained sales force across the country that can help you reach your sales objectives. We can assist you in offline and online wholesale (B2B) sales . We can help you reach key retailers with a professionally trained sales staff. The leaders of our sales team are based in our offices in California for better collaboration with our marketing and product teams. We have extensive knowledge of the American marketplace and will work with you to identify the best areas of potential opportunity for your products.

We understand how to work with US retailers, their expectation in terms of margin requirements, co-op advertising fees, markdown money, potential chargebacks, payment terms, etc. The sales team can help you navigate the complex world of selling to US retailers and distributors.

In addition to major account sales, we also generate list of smaller retailer leads in your category and follow up to ensure your success.

Our sales team utilizes Salesforce.com to track professional leads and manage the sales process. We are experienced in managing key customer relationships and can close the gap on strategic opportunities. We can provide local, after sales service to build your company reputation for responsiveness to customer inquiries. Sales support for buyers is critically important and we ensure that our retail relationships maintain the highest standard of integrity and service. Our professional team works to build loyalty and trust between our clients and customers.