We know that you want to be able to sell like a local. Having the right warehousing and logistics in the US is a critical component to make that happen. So many times 3PLs burden suppliers with wrong shipments, missing shipments, and incorrect inventory. inQbrands Warehouse Services, located in Ontario, California, addresses all of these issues. We focus on helping you efficiently warehouse your goods once they arrive in the U.S and ensure an efficient product flow from your factories to your buyers here in the U.S. Our state of the art WMS system and professional staff ensure accuracy and dependability at an affordable price.

What sets us apart:

  • Lower Logistic Costs: By Partnering with international freight forwarders, we are able to provide more discounts to you with our combined volume.
  • Local Permits and Accesses: Our expert warehouse management team and logistic teams enable smoother customs clearance and can help you sort out any issues.
  • Warehouse Management System: Using our system, you can track and control your shipments from anywhere in the world.

Core Services

  • Category Classification: We effectively lower your risks of duty fees and tariffs by accurately categorizing your products.
  • Warehousing: We help you inbound and outbound your products accurately and timely.
  • Drop Shipping: We can efficiently process your orders to get your products out quickly to your customers ensuring high customer satisfaction.
  • We offer you protection against fraudulent returns, and help you efficiently manage RMA’s. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and makes your job easier.

Customs Clearing Consulting Services

Concerned about shipping delays due to customs issues? Unsure of how to classify your product to ensure you’re properly calculating duty rates? Our Customs Clearance Consulting services can help. Our team partners with professional customs brokers and can help provide guidance and resources to ensure you are assigning accurate HTS codes, calculate duty rates, and are accounting for all required documentation needed for importing and exporting products around the world. Should the need arise, we can also help you obtain a binding ruling on your products.